Kacang Bawang

LED Mirror

I bought a tape of LEDs thinking that I would convert the lighting in my study to LED, but the tape was shorter than the perimeter of the room, and the LED intensity was too low for it to be useful as a ceiling light (note to self: make sure to buy the super-bright variety next time). After a quick look around I found a new use for the tape – an LED mirror (aka zit-popping mirror 🙂 It was perfect – the perimeter of the mirror was 5m more or less exactly, as was the length of my tape.


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UART Console Between PIC24 and BeagleBoneBlack


So, I’m working on a project which is based on the PIC24 microcontroller and I needed a console. A regular, plain-jane text output (and less-so input) to somewhere where I can read it. While this shouldn’t be much of a problem, for this particular combination there were a few little things that had to be just so, or the whole thing broke. I would like to describe the conditions that I found necessary for getting it up and running.

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Dell XPS15 SSD Crash Recovery

Fucking Dell! An expensive new laptop. Within one month HDD dies. Within 6 months SSD dies.

In this post I will write down what I did to overcome an SSD drive crash while it was active in an SSD-cache setup under 'enhanced' option (ie, both read and write buffering).

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Nexus 5 – Reversible De-Bloat

In this post I show you a list of pre-installed apps that come with your Nexus 5 along with a quick explanation of what they do and how to reversibly disable them, should you choose to do so.

We will need:
* Rooted Nexus 5
* adb

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Interactive Anagram Maker


Our first release!

This program allows you to build anagrams of your name (and other words) in an interactive manner. You start with words you like and add others from the remaining letters. Most anagram makers build all possible combinations that fit a particular name, which makes a long list of repetitive choices. With “Interactive Anagram Maker” you build your anagram piece by piece.

Try making some funny anagrams of your friends’ names and say it around them. See how long they take to notice 😉

Tired of coming up with forum nicknames? Use anagram maker to encode a hidden meaning in your name!

Try it out – it’s FREE