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DSL provider blocks 3rd-party modems via MAC filter

About one week ago my internet provider started blocking 3rd-party/user-provided/own DSL modems. The symptom is that the router does not get an IP from the DSL modem, yet all the proper lights on the modem are on. I even called the main office and asked if the were blocking. They said no. But if you […]

Review of Fosc-21 (Focus Oscilloscopes) – a $20 USB Oscilloscope from ebay

Sometimes we make a bad spontaneous purchase. It must have happened to everyone at least once. This is the story of one such purchase. Without doing my research I clicked ‘buy’ on a really cheap Chinese USB oscilloscope from ebay – Focus Oscilloscopes 21 (Fosc-21). The crappy-ness of this “oscilloscope” is matched only by its […]

Uncle Lao’s Surprise

I have a ATX power supply that I use to power my electronics creations, and I noticed that I’ve been getting shocked with electricity 😯 whenever I touched it! How could it be!? I used a grounded plug, a grounded wall socket, and still… I went on like this for a while, not wanting to […]

BeagleBoneBlack RevC Debloat [Part 1]

There are literally a million articles on the internet comparing BeagleBone vs RaspberryPi. People talk about all possible features, except one – bloatware. BeagleBone is absolutely stock-full of it. I found this out the hard way when I purchased the BeagleBoneBlack. All my searches about the topic turned up a few requests for debloat instructions […]