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EEPROM for ESP8266

This article describes a small EEPROM emulation library that I wrote for ESP8266. It implements a very simple EEPROM emulation scheme that allows storing 16bit values. Each such 16bit value is found by its 16bit index.

Encrypting Stored Email with Postfix

This post is about something that has been on my mind for a while, but somehow always seemed too complex, too far from a practical implementation. Until now, bwa-ha-ha. Encrypted email. Before you get too excited, let me first say that we’re not talking about a mathematically perfect system, and it is certainly not NSA-proof. […]

JSON RPC lib for microcontrollers released!

I have just released my JSON RPC 2.0 implemenation under MIT License. It is built on top of JSMN JSON parser and is meant for use in microcontrollers. At least that’s where I’m using it. Note: you will need to use my branch of JSMN. The features are: simple API (only 3 functions!) low memory […]

Interactive Anagram Maker

Our first release! This program allows you to build anagrams of your name (and other words) in an interactive manner. You start with words you like and add others from the remaining letters. Most anagram makers build all possible combinations that fit a particular name, which makes a long list of repetitive choices. With “Interactive […]